Hi, my name is Gracinda Leite

I am a Graphic Designer based in Portugal, qualified and experienced in graphic communication.


Designing  logotypes is one of my favourite skills as well as developing branding solutions. My focus is visual and communication design. 

With more than 20 years of professional experience, I offer confidente design input to benefit my client’s business strategies, through original thinking, new ideas and innovative design solutions.

I’m highly motivated, flexible, resourceful, enjoying new challenges and with a genuine interest in my client’s success. I work by project or on retainer basis, responding efficiently and rapidly.


what I do


Logo & CI manual with colours and fonts, working stationary (paper & digital) and other marketing material, that govern how the identity is used and applied.

Making strong visual solutions that encourage a confident relationship with the audience, promoting unity, desirability and inclusion.

what I do



Publication is a subset of graphic design that focuses on designing newspapers, magazines, books and catalogues, imprint or digital.

Adapting the graphic style, visual pace and typography pattern to the intended reading audience, creating impactful layouts, balanced composition and reading flow.

what I do



Graphic communication created and produced for physical formats or screen viewing that reaches out to global audiences on the move or over the internet. 

Focusing on aesthetics, readability, accessibility, ease of use and branding, applied to brochures, flyers, info-graphics, banner ads, website elements, short videos, motion, vehicle livery, product graphics…


What are your needs?

Feel free to contact me to talk about what you have in mind.